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About Our Global Business.

Our Global Business is a trading name of Our Global Business Limited, a UK company who own and operate a number of discreet target businesses which service a number of targeted market sectors throughout the world.

Our Global Business work in partnership with almost all of our clients, we believe in what we like to call commercial communism, where a proposed project works for everyone or it simply does not work.

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Our Global Business - Delivering Results

Whether it be delivering your own social software platform, sourcing a buyer for your hotel, arranging private capital investment for a joint venture property development, managing the delivery of a social project or obtaining the best Gold prices in the market. Our Global Business has strong, discreet and reliable resources that deliver the right results at the right time for most requirements.

The diversity, depth and experience of the companies we own and operate gives Our Global Business the resource, ability and facility to identify and deliver on a wide range of requirements and objectives. Our approach is very process orientated and ensures that every requirement has its own, simple, yet effective procedure, targeted to deliver results.

Targeted companies within target market sectors

Capital Investment Business

Our Global Business owns and operates a capital investment management company that is UK based and arranges private capital investment for ventures.

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Off Market Assets Business

Our Global Business owns and operates a discreet online platform that sells off market assets in a discreet, members only environment, globally.

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Web Development Business

Our Global Business owns and operates a software technologies company that is UK based and delivers a variety of online software services globally.

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Project Management Business

Our Global Business specialises in project management, delivery and partnerships. Bringing the right people together at the right time and for the right reason on a global basis.

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Gold Bullion Business

Our Global Business heads a consortium of Gold bullion specialists from around the world, who collectively have instant access to the global gold markets.

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A cohesive, constructive approach

A cohesive approach

As a company, Our Global Business is responsible for all partnership projects, compliance, mergers, acquisitions, resource planning, strategic direction, investments, financial management and commercial diligence for the companies we own and operate on a world-wide basis.

We act as the central hub and processing centre for all projects and operations within our group, we bring all of the expertise, experience and vision together into one central operation, delivering a collaborative and cohesive approach to any requirement.

Our Global Business has a very focused role and work diligently at all times for the greater good of the businesses we own, our clients and our shareholders. We exist to ensure the delivery of an honest and openly managed service, where clarity and integrity is the expectation rather than the exception.

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