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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions

Our Global Business believes in being as open and transparent as possible, we have provided answers to some of the most common questions we are asked in order to provide you with a better understanding of our business and our ethos.

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What does Our Global Business actually do?

As an individual company, we are project delivery specialists. As a group company, we are the main shareholders, corporate diligence, management structure and catalyst that brings all 6 businesses together into one cohesive group.

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Why are you called Our Global Business?

Putting it simply, it is the responsibility of our company to look after the interests of our group businesses on a global basis. This is why we are called Our Global Business.

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What are the benefits of the group?

If we were to put that answer into one word, it would be diversity. We bring together the experience and expertise from 6 different businesses in 6 different markets, we consolidate this strength, focus it and work with it to deliver one commercial solution.

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What does Gold have to do with Software?

The answer to this is simple, in most cases absolutely nothing, but with Our Global Business, they have everything to do with one another.

The off-market asset business needed a solution that moved them away from being brokers and to change the way the current market worked, the project delivery business identified and planned the solution, the online technologies business developed the solution and hosted it on their secure servers, the users of the new off-market business needed investment in the development project they found on the platform, the investments business provided the required investment to the client, that client introduced a colleague who was trying to purchase gold, the gold markets business sourced, contracted and provided the gold.

So, as you can see, our businesses are often inextricably linked to the benefit of our group and our clients

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Whhat does Off-Market mean?

Off-market is where a party wishes to either buy or sell something that is not available within the public domain. This is a marketplace where discretion and security are of paramount importance at all times and in all dealings.

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Who are your private investment partners?

Our investments business is mandated and authorised by our private investment partners to source, negotiate, contract purchase and approve applications, so in all dealings our investments business will be the clients point of contact up until the investment is made. We will not divulge the identity of our private investment partners as this is commercially sensitive information but we can divulge that we currently have access to over £500 million of available investment.

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Why did you create the group?

All of the parties to the group have known and worked together on different projects for a number of years. Over the years we found that we were using one anothers skills and expertise more and more. As the party who brought the businesses together and who managed most of the joint projects, Our Global Business Ltd was the party selected to head the group and its interests.

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How large is Our Global Business?

The only way we can really answer this questions is that we are large enough to cope with most requirements but still small enough to care about every request.