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Only Off Market Benefits

Delivering Discreet Benefits

Only Off Market is a state of the art, off market introductory platform that brings buyers, sellers or their representatives together in a safe and secure online environment that is dedicated to servicing the needs of both those wishing to source and buy off market opportunities and those wishing to put their off market opportunities in front of confirmed, potential buyers.

We Provide:

Automated Procedures

The Only Off Market Platform has been deigned to centralise and as far as possible automate the entire process of off market introductions into one easy to use, secure, platform, delivering a place where buyers can find new and exciting opportunities and sellers can promote their off-market opportunities to verified potential buyers in a private members only environment.

Member Validation

Only Off Market confirms the seller has the right and ability to sell the said off market opportunity and that the potential buyer has the right and ability to buy the said off market opportunity before the parties can move forward or any offers being established, ensuring that the parties and opportunities on Only Off Market are identified, legitimate and available.


Only Off Market has taken the entire convoluted off market process chain, digitised the process, simplified the process and created a secure, members only online environment that is dedicated to helping both parties achieve the end result through a fast simple and secure platform.

Designated Rule Sets

Only Off Market provides a simple easy to follow process that operates based upon a dedicated set of simple rules that creates the process, so you only need to follow one process, on one platform, delivering one place to securely upload documents that is focused on one result. Bringing the right buyers together with the right sellers to complete the right introductions.

Secure Document Uploads

Only off market provides our members with a secure, encrypted, document upload location on our secure servers, this means your documents, such as LOI or POF documents are no longer floating about in the market place but rather in one secure centralised location and are not passed to any party other than the seller and only once an offer has been accepted by the said seller.

Accelerated Completions

Only Off market do not provide services for multiple broker chains and as such the parties involved are dealing with verified individuals who have the right to make the decisions on sourcing, selling, offers and completions. This speeds up the process of completion as you are no longer working through chains of individuals trying to obtain information, agreements or permission to proceed.

Dedicated Services

Only Off Market provides a set of dedicated online services for off market opportunity sellers and a different set of online services for off market opportunity buyers, each set of services are dedicated to the needs of the parties and enables buyers to search for and find off market opportunities and for sellers to place their opportunities in front of these verified buyers.

Secure Offer Management

With Only Off Market verified buyers can make exclusive offers directly to the opportunity seller and the seller can either accept or decline the said offer in a secure and private environment, the potential buyer then has the opportunity to amend the said offer based on the information provided by the seller.

Connected Lawyers

Only Off Market do not buy, sell or become involved in any transactions in any way, we simply match a buyer search to off market opportunities and once an offer is made and that offer has been accepted by the seller, Only Off Market introduce each parties' legal representatives to one another to complete the process with one another.

No fees until completion

Only Off Market charges a low annual subscription fee to gain access to our platform, should a transaction be completed, we charge a low fixed introduction fee of 0.5% buyers side and 0.5% on the sellers side upon the completion, this invoice is automatically sent to the lawyers of both parties who have completed on behalf of their clients. Mandated agents or brokers will have their own fee agreements with their clients.