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Only Off Market Features

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The way to faster completions.

When an offer is made, sellers can be confident that we have a fully verified LOI and POF before an offer can been made. Only Off Market instantly notifies the seller of the offer and the buyer of any response

If the offer is rejected the seller can add a minimum acceptable price and the buyer can adjust their offer instantly.

If the offer is accepted, Only Off Market instantly introduces the legal representatives of both the buyer and seller members automatically for final negotiation and completion. It really is that fast and simple.

Removing the issues, delivering results

As a member of Only Off Market, you no-longer need to worry about how many people have access to your documentation, how it is being used or by whom, you simply upload your documents or brochures into one, safe and secure, encrypted location. Your documents are fully protected, encrypted and never released to anyone.

All uploaded documents are verified by our in-house team who then activate the product or the offers area.

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The effective way to sell.

Only Off Market provides seller members with a centralised, user-friendly platform that puts their off-market products directly in front of registered, potential buyers who are fully verified, and are in a position to buy.

Getting started is easy, once you have registered on Only Off Market, you simply upload your right to sell, upload any sales materials or brochures, select a product category, select a country location, add an area, enter the current market price, enter your asking price and a short description. Once added, a member of our in-house team will check and verify your uploaded information and activate your product to make it available on the Only Off Market platform.

As an Only Off Market seller member you can add as many products on to our private platform as you wish, our systems will manage the entire process for you right up to when an offer is accepted, and the legal representatives of the buyer and seller are introduced.

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The discreet way to buy.

Only Off Market delivers a simple, user-friendly experience that has been designed to help buyers source the right off market products at the right price in the fastest, most efficient way possible. A platform where you can instantly negotiate in confidence with verified seller members in a private, discrete and dedicated environment.

Once registered on Only Off Market, you simply select a product category, a country, an area, your budget and click search, our systems will instantly deliver a world of off-market products that meet your criteria.

When you see a product that interests you, simply click on the interested button to open that product and its details. If you wish to move forward with that product, simply select your authority type and upload the required documents into your secure, fully encrypted offer storage facility. once your documentation is verified by our in-house team, we will activate your interest and provide full access to the full product details and the make an offer area of Only Off Market.

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The Brokers Brokerage.

The Only Off Market platform helps brokers to manage clients, maintain process control, facilitate more sales, buy and sell within a centralised world-wide environment and complete deals faster.

Any FEE agreements that you have with your client is strictly between you and your client. Only Off Market do not take any percentages from your agreed client FEE. Our fees are billed directly to the legal representatives of the buyer and the seller.

No more endless broker chains, no more commission disputes, no more sharing documentation or marketing materials, no more chasing down responses or waiting for answers and no more delays. Just genuine off market buyers and genuine off-market sellers doing business together in a secure, discrete and controlled environment, where the system does the work and doing business becomes a pleasure.


If you are looking for a reliable, private and effective way to buy or sell genuine off-market products with genuine off-market buyers and sellers without any middle man interference or delays and you wish to use a purpose built platform that is designed to bring off-market buyers and sellers together, then the Only Off Market platform is the right choice for you.