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About Only Off Market

Only Off Market is a discrete, off-market service that brings genuine off-market buyers and sellers together in a safe and secure online environment, where doing business becomes a pleasure.

Today, Only Off Market is one of the worlds fastest growing off-market services, providing a secure, user-friendly environment to buy or sell genuine off-market products on a private, discrete and dedicated platform that is tailored to meet and exceed its' member's needs & expectations.

Purpose built for discretion

The Only Off Market platform was designed and created by a team of Our Global Business software engineers working in partnership with a number of off-market specialists to identify, understand and discover the best way a purpose-built online platform could deliver exciting, verified and reliable results for its members.

Only Off Market offers our members the utmost in discretion when looking for a reliable, private and effective way to buy or sell genuine off-market property, off-market land, off-market developments, off-market gold or precious metals, off-market diamonds and gems or off-market art and collectables. We provide a secure, purpose built, source, verify, then connect environment that brings genuine off-market buyers and sellers together.

Where categories count

Hotels and Leisure

We have a range of hotels from Boutique through to flagship Icon and from castles to leisure and golf courses, all available today.

Land and Development

We have a wide selection of land for development, from 5acres to 300acres, with planning, without planning but all available direct today.

Precious Metals

We have a number of precious metals from multiple providers from around the world, consignments of all sizes covering all purchase options.

Residential Property

We have a wide range of residential properties in exclusive areas, from high end apartments to stately homes that will never be on the market.

Precious Gemstones

We haver a range of exclusive deals in both rough and cut stones, from small consignments through to very large individual collectors stones.

Commercial Property

From office blocks to industrial estates, we have a huge range of commercial propeties available at amazing discounts all available today.

Fine Art

We have a number of rare masterpieces, sculptures, antiques and rare art available on our system today, these items will never be on the market.


From rare watches through to exquisite jewellery our platform holds a rare and exclusive collection of collectable items for private buyers.

Classic Cars

From rare classics through to exclusiv4e super sports cars, you can find it all on Only Ofrf Market direct from the owners and agents.

Where the discreet meet

If you are looking for a reliable, private and effective way to buy or sell genuine off-market products with genuine off-market buyers and sellers without any middle man interference or delays and you wish to use a purpose built platform that is designed to bring off-market buyers and sellers together, then the Only Off Market platform is the right choice for you.

With Only Off Market, member discretion and privacy is assured. The details of our members are kept completely confidential and never released at any time, we only introduce the legal representatives of members.

All information added to Only Off Market is checked and verified by our team of in-house specialists to ensure that any and all sellers have the right to sell and that any and all buyers are in a verified position to buy.