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About Project Partnerships.

The owners of Our Global Business are very experienced within this field and have over number of years delivered EU funded projects, socio-economic impact projects, humanitarian projects, complex software delivery projects and a number of social inclusion projects.

Our Global Business works in partnership with almost all project delivery teams to help ensure the smooth transition between vision and actual delivery.

The right people at the right time

We work hard to bring the right people together, at the right time, for the right reason in order to deliver a successful outcome for each and every part of a project.

To us it is all about understanding the project needs, the drivers of the stakeholders and the required outcomes. We then use this information to create and deliver the road map to a successful conclusion.

Our Global Business have worked on and delivered projects of all sizes in a number of countries around the world. We never lose sight of the project objectives or forget who the projects are intended to support or the individual drivers behind that support.

Delivering proven projects

The Benefits Advice Centre

This project was to provide state of the art benefits advice in a format that was easy to access, monitor and report, delivering a 24-7 facility for UK residents who needed help and support during these changing times.

Best For Business

A collaboration programme with local authorities and Our Global Business to provide physical and digital business support services across the regions of the UK. This project won the National NFEA business support innovation of the year award.

The Kariki Lighting Project

A complex and creative collaborative project between unity systems, the rino project, power hub and Our Global Business to provide the technology to deliver free electricity and lighting for 20 years into a village called Kariki in Kenya.

Creative Arts Connect

A collaborative project between the change consortium and Our Global Business to deliver and manage a support platform for people within the creative industries marketplace, delivering opportunities, exposure, benefits and direction.

Boston Childrens Hospital

A collaboration between Harvard University, Boston Children's Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation and Our Global Business to deliver a support system for the parents or guardians of children in the USA who are affected by Retinoblastoma.

Other Projects

Carers Mean Business, Enterprising Libraries, Enterprising Communities, Ufoot, Only 4 Women, The Ciccer, FA Connect, Grass Roots Connect, Employment Advice Centre, Caribbean 4 Life, Charities Connect, AMCFAS, ikAn Benefit, Business Women Links.

Our key strengths

One of our key strengths is our ability to bring together the specialists skills and experience from within our own group of businesses to establish the facts of a project, the best delivery mechanics and the most cost effective means of delivery to the project beneficiaries. We then use this focus to develop the strategy for the project moving forward.

We provide a safe pair of hands, where our clients can feel rest assured that their project will be delivered in a professional and compassionate manner. When we take on a project it goes from being the clients project to be our responsibility and our objective.