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About Our Software Business.

We work with and supply organisations of all types and sizes, expanding the boundaries of trade for many of our clients and partner organisations through the provision of an exciting range of dedicated, tailored platforms and services that deliver integrated business growth opportunities for our clients, our International Licensed Distributor Channels and their clients.

Upon the completion of the business acquisitions and corporate restructuring by Our Global Business Ltd, we consolidated all of the associated resources into one central facility that is owned and operated by ourselves.

A skilled team delivering an exciting future

One of the reasons we acquired FIOFRO ltd was the strength, depth, and pedigree of their team. The FIOFRO Ltd team have an excitement, enthusiasm, and passion for creating innovative solutions that fit with the changing patterns of people's digital lives.

It is this innovation and dedication that drives the business forward, whilst working to the solid principle that we do not innovate just for the sake of being innovative but only if it creates an exciting and dynamic solution that serves an ever growing digital population and puts our clients back in control of the digital assets that they build.

Innovative Solutions for forward thinking clients

Branded Social Platforms

A Branded Social Network from FIOFRO is a state of the art, online social network that is fully branded as your organisation, where all revenues go directly to you and where you exclusively own all of your users data. These platforms are also known as Private Social Platforms, Fan Engagement Platforms, Social Software, Social Platforms and Community Engagement Platforms.

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Branded Advice Platforms

An online Advice Platform from FIOFRO delivers a ready-made, fully branded, advice platform that generates you revenues from what you know. More than just a live questions and answers platform, our Online Advice Platforms deliver: document management, video support, online consultations rooms, common FAQs and event management.

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Branded Hybrid Platforms

A Hybrid Social Platform from FIOFRO is a combination of our Branded Social Networks and our Online Advice Platforms seamlessly integrated together to provide the ultimate in online community development and growth. The Hybrid Social Platform is fully branded, you own all of your content and all revenue streams, our experts build, host, and manage the technology for you.

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Bespoke Development

Our Global Business and the FIOFRO team work on the philosophy that when it comes to software, nothing is impossible, it just hasn't been created yet. This is the mantra of our bespoke projects team, tell us what you want and we will find a way to make it happen. We have expertise in a number of language bases and architectures to bring any project to life.

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Secure Hosting Solutions

Our Global Business Ltd owns and operates our own hosting architectures in partnership with some of the world's largest data centres. We provide exclusive hosting architecture management for our International Distributors and their clients. We have a number of server locations in a number of countries to ensure the delivery of services across 34 countries.

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Solution Discovery Services

Solution discovery is the key to any successful development, it involves numerous skills sets, from business analysis, process management and supply chain experience through to design, development and ROI analysis. Our Global Business Ltd have all of the in house skills and experience to carry out and complete this type of work.

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Dedicated Software Solutions

FIOFRO have been providing dedicated software solutions for a number of years and have an impressive stable of clients using their services to manage their communities. Unlike other providers they do not provide DIY build systems where you have to learn the platform before you can begin; they deliver a fully managed and tailored service that has been designed to meet and exceed their clients expectations.

All of our software solutions are professionally created by our team of in-house experts, are fully responsive and work with all known browsers on PC, Tablet and Mobile.